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Preperation For Your Treatment

Preparation Guidelines

Getting Your Beds Ready For airbeds like Select Comfort, partially deflate them and unplug from the wall outlet to prevent damage.

Drain waterbeds entirely for effective heat treatment around and beneath the mattress.

Position beds at least 2 feet from walls.

Remove all items and boxes stored under the bed. During heat treatment, tightly packed containers may need to have items removed for proper heat penetration. Inspect any valuable or irreplaceable items for potential damage from high temperatures and determine if they need treatment.

Our team will handle linen removal.

Leave plastic wrapping on box springs, mattresses, and furniture.

If you decide to discard heavily infested items, prevent spreading the infestation by enclosing and labeling them as infested. Render them unusable and dispose of them at a local landfill.

Managing Clothes Bed bugs often hide in clothing. To prevent reinfestation, treat any clothing removed during the heat treatment before returning them to the treated area.

Clothes in dresser drawers and laundry baskets can remain if loosely packed.

Drawers may be removed from dressers for better air circulation.

Hanging clothes can stay in closets if there is enough space between items for heated air to circulate. Organize hanging items to create space.

Other clothes in the treatment area should be placed loosely in open-weave laundry baskets. Do not use plastic bags. This includes items on bedroom floors.

To minimize disruption after treatment, dry clothes on high heat for 30 minutes and seal them in plastic containers with lids. Label containers for service technicians, so the items inside are not disturbed.

Dealing with Luggage Bring luggage stored in attics or garages into the area to be heated.

Ensure luggage in closets or other home areas is visible to the service team for proper treatment.

Addressing Stored Items & Clutter Remove all boxes and stored items from closets and place them in the room's center.

Clutter and stored items can hinder equipment placement, air movement, and heat penetration, resulting in treatment failure.

Before heat treatment, manage clutter and stored items by either heating a reasonable amount of belongings during the treatment process or disposing of non-valuable items not worth the time or extra expense of heating. Mark infested items clearly and take them to the local landfill to prevent others from salvaging potentially infested items.

Additional Preparations Bed bugs often infest wheelchairs and scooters, which should remain in the home for treatment. Plan your transportation needs accordingly.

Turn off air conditioners and fans and close all windows before our arrival.

Vacuum and dispose of the vacuum bag in the trash, then take out the trash.

Heat-Sensitive and Fragile Items to Remove or Secure

Please remove or secure the following items, as they may be damaged by heat or air blowers:

Heat-Sensitive Items:

  • Pressurized cylinders (spray cans, fire extinguishers, oxygen bottles, etc.)

  • Firearms, ammunition, paints, adhesives

  • Cigarette lighters, flammable chemicals

  • Soft vinyl items, vinyl records, tapes, computer software

  • CDs, DVDs, vinyl window blinds (pull up if not removed)

  • Rubber prosthetics, medical braces, fresh foods (store in refrigerator)

  • Soaps, wax-based items (candles, figurines, crayons, lipstick)

  • Chocolate, stick deodorants, cosmetics, creams, lotions

  • Wine, other bottled alcohols, carbonated beverages, artificial sweeteners

  • Vitamins, medications, olefin carpet (direct contact from duct)

Fragile Items & Decorations:

  • Secure or remove wall decorations, picture frames, delicate items

  • Place fragile belongings in storage boxes to prevent damage

  • Contain stacks of papers in storage totes


  • Leave computers, flat-screen TVs, and remote controls inside for treatment

  • Unplug and remove batteries from laptops, electronics, and other devices

  • Contact manufacturers for temperature limits on sensitive equipment

Plants and Pets:

  • Remove aquariums, potted plants, and pets for their safety and treatment efficacy

Valuable and Sentimental Items:

  • Inspect oil paintings, acrylic artwork, photographs, and crafts with hot melt glue

  • Antique furniture with delicate finishes or glue points

  • Musical instruments (may detune); leave cases behind

  • Refrigerator magnets (may demagnetize)

  • Remove irreplaceable heirlooms and one-of-a-kind possessions

  • Remove valuable items and personal belongings (jewelry, credit cards)

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