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Get Rid Of Infestations In 1 Day!
Fast, effective heat treatments,
For as low as $399!

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if you are searching for a reputable pest control company, you have a few things in mind. Most obviously you want your pests gone as fast as possible, and you want the best possible value. With our heat treatment techniques we get all your pests in as few as one treatment. Additionally you want a great price, and a qualified company. Search no further, Heat My Bugs Pest Control has what you want. Whether your looking for a one time treatment at the best price or a comprehensive pest management plan, we have your needs covered!


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Heat treatments are very effective,.  When your home is brought up to the right temperature, it will kill every level of the life cycle for certain pests. This means that there is less need for repeat treatments, and the pests will be more likely gone for good. The major benefit of heat is, the heat pernitrates even the smallest cracks, crevices and hiding spots where pests live! Treating the whole structure ensures that there will be no pest left alive to reproduce or wreak havoc in your home!

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Experienced Staff

Our Pest control professionals have years of proven experience and knowledge with a multitude of pests

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Fast Flexible Scheduling

Need Pest Removal Fast?

In most circumstances, we can be there as fast as 1-2 business days!

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Advanced Equipment

We use advanced thermal imagining, ultra powerful high temperature fans, and the most powerful direct-fired propane heater on the market. This heater generates up to 990,000 BTU!

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Thermal Reports

Want To Know How Your Treatment Went?

We provide you with thermal images in our detailed report letting you know exactly how things went!

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